Cons. Agrario di Sardegna scarl



Cons. Agrario di Sardegna scarl

May 4, 2011, the Agricultural Consortium of Sardinia has turned 90 years old; its foundation dates back to 4 May 1921. It certainly is a nice age who also takes on greater importance for our Company which, in this long and difficult period, was always in the front-line protagonist of social change of our Province and in particular the whole of Sardinia.

It is with pride that we look at this extraordinary past in the belief that he had done and he can still also play in the future, the role of growth and economic development that surely belongs to us. A pride of which we would like to share in the entire agricultural world of our earth jackets', in recent years, we are sure, to have been able to interpret the needs and solve the many problems with the free spirit and mutual benefit.

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Cons. Agrario di Sardegna scarl
Viale Monastir 50, Cagliari (CA)

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