Cons. Agrario di Viterbo



Cons. Agrario di Viterbo

The Viterbo Provincial Agrarian Consortium was established by deed of Notary Enrico Finzi of the May 9, 1901 at the hall advice of the Town Hall of Viterbo with the purpose "to jointly buy the materials and essential furnishings exercise agricultural industry, as chemical fertilizers, the sulfur, copper sulfate, the machines and seeds in various ways to promote the improvement of agriculture and the well-being of the agricultural classes "with ups and downs since then has always remained faithful to the social aim.

The Provincial Agrarian Consortium today is an important reality for the Alto Lazio, the Reatino, to the gates of Rome, with over five hundred members and revenues growing. It adheres to the National Consortium CAI in order to enhance and protect their business in an increasingly globalized market.

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Cons. Agrario di Viterbo
Via F. Baracca 26, Viterbo /VT)

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