A call for the best small garden


After the success of the three previous editions, PordenoneFiere publishes the notice of selection for the fourth edition of the Festival of Gardens, selection at national level, pitting the best ideas and achievements in the field of small gardens, on a theme that varies from year year, and flagship event of the 36th edition of Ortogiardino, the most important show dedicated to gardening and floriculture in the Northeast, at the Fiera di Pordenone 7 to 15 March year 2015. The theme for 2015 will be Ortogiardino Harmony and botanical garden" and is a reflection on two concepts that connote the garden and can create within it, settings and different suggestions. Harmony and proportion as agreed between the parties that form a whole, producing a pleasing effect to the senses of shapes, colors and scents. Botany as a thorough knowledge of plants and their specific use in a position to seek the perception of those who will delight in the garden. The charm of the two elements consist of the balanced cohesion that the designer will be able to establish between materials and plants. The projects, selected by the jury will be made and can be visited along a scenic route through the next edition of Ortogiardino, which parallels, in the 30,000-square-foot exhibition center, exhibition grounds to stand tied to the theme of gardening and horticulture. The initiative aims to further grow Ortogiardino event, an event that annually attracts 65,000 visitors from all over the Northeast and from Slovenia and Croatia (12%) and turn it into a showcase of the best achievements in the green and then in a not to be missed appointment for managers of public parks and private citizens looking for ideas to renovate your garden. The complete announcement, the rules for participation and all information relating thereto, are available from September 15, 2014 on: www.ortogiardinopordenone.it Facebook page: www.facebook.com/festival.giardini.pordenone upon request at: festivalgiardini@fierapordenone.it"


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