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Myplant & Garden, in collaboration with Fondazione Minoprio, launches the third edition of the creative design competition, which this year asks to create the roof garden of a hospital dedicated to the treatment of childhood leukemia in Monza, which will become an open-air gym for expand the 'Sport Therapy' programs.
The area covered by the competition, coordinated by the architect Umberto Andolfato (AIAPP), is located inside the Maria Letizia Verga Center for the Study and Treatment of Childhood Leukemia, in Monza (MB). A center of medical excellence for the treatment of childhood leukemia, the Maria Letizia Verga Center is a privately owned public hospital (SSN). Inside the Center (8,400 square meters on 4 floors) there are spaces for research, care and assistance for children and their families.
Including a gymnasium, used to contrast the debilitating effects of pharmacological treatment at the osteo-muscular level and to continue the path of physiological growth of young patients.
"This sport activity, the 'Sport Therapy project', has significant benefits also from a social, psychological and quality-of-life point of view. The advantages registered so far by this approach to treatment are very encouraging ", reads the presentation of the competition.
The aim of the competition is to expand the activities carried out in the gym, also in the outdoor areas adjacent to the gym itself. It is located on the roof of the building of the Center; the space outside the gym instead insists on an area of about 500 square meters.
The competition is open to green designers (architects, agronomists, landscapers, garden designers, nurserymen, artists), in single or associated form. Participation in the contest is free.
The project considered best by the commission - composed of teachers of the Master in Planning and Conservation of the Garden and Landscape (PoliMi and Fondazione Minoprio), members of AIAPP (Italian Landscape Architecture Association), of the Order of Architects of the Province of Milan, the Myplant & Garden event and experts from the Minoprio Foundation - will be realized in October 2018 with the coordination of the designer, the collaboration of the students of the Minoprio Foundation and the supply of green and materials by the Myplant & Garden event.
The jury will evaluate the consistency with the project theme, the level of innovation and creativity of the project, the feasibility of the realization, the ease of maintenance of the area, the containment of costs and sustainability, the safety requirements of the area and the artifacts .
The use of essences with a low maintenance impact will be positively evaluated. Registration by January 5, 2018, submission processed by February 2, 2018, communication of the selected project by February 13, 2018 and sending acceptance commitment for the construction of the installation by February 16, 2018.
Inauguration and awarding of the designers are scheduled during the Myplant & Garden event (21-23 February 2018), while the realization of the exhibition in October 2018.
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