Flowery common here is the guide in 2017


Several guests for a day that in addition to the presentation of new initiatives for 2017 is also intended as an opportunity for interaction and exchange between the directors, professional landscaping, the communicators, the enthusiasts, supporters and the Asproflor members.
The conference to present the national guidance and the House of Commons Bloom competition in 2017 is scheduled for Thursday, March 23, in the hall of the City Councillors of Palazzo Cisterna Underground, in Turin; It will begin at 10.
Among others, the Chairman of Asproflor Renzo Marconi to present the contest just launched for 2017, Sergio Ferraro, his deputy, on the theme "Public blooms that promote socialization and social cohesion", Lino Riba, president of Uncem, Anna Merlin, director of the Metropolitan City of Turin, Carla Tomatis, president of Mondovi +, Henry lever, chief of Confabitare and finally Miss municipalities Flowery 2016, as well as several mayors who will describe the experiences of their municipality.


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