Small green projects: the Balconi per Roma" contest"


Stimulating creativity in a content, as a city balcony. This is the intent of the Balcony to Rome", organized within the sixth edition of the Festival of the Green and Landscape held in mid-May to the park roof of the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome. The invitation is addressed to all young architects, landscape architects, agronomists, designers, artists and creative people under 30, irrespective of their nationality. Task: to create, design and implement a balcony.Small corners citizens to be valued because often forgotten or unappealing, that despite the limited space can still provide an opportunity to test ideas and creativity. The competition also wants to entice visitors to the festival to get to work in person to make it livable balconies of their home.The projects should be submitted by February 15, after which the jury will consider the various proposals and select the finalists assessing originality of the project, quality of construction and component plant, feasibility of the proposal. The results will be published by March 15 on the website of the Festival


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