Controlled demolition, going for ground operators


The course Frizionista in abatement operations controlled tree climbing is designed to train professionals who will be working as a "ground operators" in felling sites controlled.
During the 20-hour course will deepen the world of "rigging" treating, step by step, all the contexts and dynamics that this type of work can present.
"We believe that the operator on the ground - explanatory Training 3T - especially in these delicate working environments and a key figure in order to achieve a safe and efficient intervention. For this reason we have structured a specific training course for this type of needs. "
The course is intended for arborists / treeclimbers that act as operator job at altitude, but also to those who, while not holding a qualification for the "work at height on trees", are to cooperate actively in felling sites controlled .
The days will alternate moments theoretical depth technical work in practical tests.
For the first time in Italy, it will be issued the certification of training, information and training required by Legislative Decree 81/08 on the use of lifting equipment (winches).
The next course will be held February 22 to 24 in Genova.

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