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Coop Tracce

Tracce Società Cooperativa was founded in February 1994, to answer some tendencies of contemporary society, such as the need to rediscover their cultural and territorial roots and the desire to get closer to nature, preserving and enhancing its resources.

The forestry sector, in particular, pursues the realization of sustainable projects in urban and extra urban context with an approach that integrates the different skills of its partners, in order to offer, in every situation, innovative solutions effective and environment friendly.

Traces currently consists of 19 members, mostly young people, study and professional experiences in various fields and disciplines, including geologists, engineers, agronomists, chemists, doctors in environmental science, natural and biological and agro-environmental specialist operators.

This structure, composite and modulated on the various experiences gained, allows us to present ourselves as a qualified partner for the development of the area, offering a wide range of works and services, from design to complex and multidisciplinary plans, to carry out interventions.

Our activities: construction and maintenance paths and natural areas; environmental engineering works; stone works; external work, gardening, tree-climbing and urban green; Hydraulic forestry accommodations, riverbeds maintenance, embankments and roadsides; silviculture, forest management areas; reclamation and re-naturalization degraded sites (quarries and landfills); agro-environmental technical advice.

Since 1994

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Coop Tracce
Via Raimondo 13, Finale Ligure (SV)

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