The products to protect plants from fungi and insects


Prevent fungal and bacterial diseases and defend against insects: Copyr has two products designed for ornamental and flowering plants garden, balcony and flat.The first, Garden Fungicide, is a ready to use with a systemic action and broad spectrum coverage, formulation based on penconazole and copper oxychloride by acting preemptively, curative and blocking compared to many fungal diseases (powdery mildew, rust , downy mildew, scab) and bacteria that can harm plants.The product is available in spray cans of 750 ml. It is recommended - explanatory Copyr - spraying on the aerial part of plants and flowers to be protected. We recommend starting treatment at the first appearance of the spots and repeat them as needed, always avoiding the hottest hours of the day. "Pyrethrum Garden is instead a liquid insecticide ready to use based on natural pyrethrum, which acts by contact and is indicated for a natural protection of plants and flowers, especially roses, azaleas, begonias, geraniums, hydrangea and oleander trees and green plants like ficus, the dracaena, philodendron or the fern.Thanks to the knock-down and repellent, Pyrethrum Garden keeps away sucking insects (such as aphids, thrips and whiteflies) and defoliating (moths and beetles).Available in bottles of 750 ml trigger, Copyr is recommended for use with "uniformly wetting the whole surface, including the undersides of leaves.""


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