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Copyr - Insecticide for vegetable garden and pyrethrum garden
Copyr spa

Copyr spa

Copyr was founded in 1961 as the Society of Pyrethrum. Since then, the company's core business is represented by the formula-based insecticides pyrethrum and pyrethroids effective and with a high safety profile. With the increased sensitivity to environmental issues and attention to the safety of operators and consumers, the knowledge gained from Copyr in the development of formulations of natural origin have contributed to the consolidation of its leadership position in the domestic market and the continuous proposed new products and application sectors. In May 2006, was acquired by Copyr Zelnova S.A., entering thereby become part of the Zeltia Group. Sectors traditionally present in the Environmental Hygiene sector, with products for the sanitation of domestic, industrial and domestic (insecticides, rodenticides, deodorants), Copyr has developed over time a specific competence for the industry Home & Gardening, introducing products dedicated to defense of gardens, orchards and homes from pests and plant. The historical vocation to the use of natural active ingredients has more recently conducted Copyr expansion of its sphere of interest to the field of biological, thanks to the study and development of products for defense against biological in professional agriculture insects. Research and Development The Copyr efforts in Research & Development, in collaboration with leading Italian University poles and the most important international private research institutions, generates a constant drive for innovation. The information derived from the know-how are the basis for the creation of detailed technical documentation and updated to support the professional and non-professional users. Even after the substantial changes of the regulatory framework for biocides and plant protection products in the industry reference for agriculture, Copyr in recent years has created new Business to Business strategies enhancing its know-how and putting it to business partners available under market areas of common interest. Our Mission This is the prerequisite for the competitive challenge of Copyr the next few years: to offer to the European market the same competence and quality recognized by professionals in the industry nationwide. Copyr in Brief Expertise regulatory at EU and local level know-how highly specialized formulation Strong investments in R & D capacity of industrialization Partnership with producers of active ingredients.
Since 1961

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Copyr spa
Via Stephenson 29, Milano (MI)

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