New Cordless Battery Multi-Tool System


Edgebanding, shredder, cutter bushes and thrusters, in addition to the extension to reach the heights, are the applications of the multi-tool system introduced by Sabart within the Oregon Cordless tool system, with 36V PowerNow Lithium-Ion battery. The company also launched the new 6Ah battery that provides all the power needed to perform the best green maintenance activities.

The multi-tool system is an extremely versatile and easy to handle multifunctional product that can be used in four seasons. Designed to meet the needs of private customer greening, it allows you to choose and replace your accessories in a matter of seconds, depending on your activity in your garden, without interruption from intensive cutting to precision work
The body is equipped with an innovative brushless motor that combines a high torque with high efficiency, ensuring high performance.
There are four applications that integrate perfectly and engage in a few seconds with the machine body: edging, shrubber, cutter and potter. Additionally, the extension for telescopic and tosasiepi thrusters is available, allowing you to reach the highest heights.
 "The new multi-tool cordless system is easy to use, lightweight, silent and eco-friendly. It is designed to provide comfort and great productivity, as well as the convenience of occupying a minimum space in the storage room or in the garage, "explains Sabart.
Another innovation in the Oregon Cordless Tool System range is the new 6Ah 36V PowerNow Lithium-Ion battery, which provides all the power needed to perform green maintenance tasks. Conceived with Premium Cell technology to ensure high performance, constant power and long working life, it guarantees total emission and memory effect.
The two new products extend the Oregon Cordless Tool System line, including the ST275-GSL mower, the LM300 mower, BL300 blower, CS300 chain saw, HT255 cutter, PS250 telescopic thruster and LED WL275 work light W.
All range machines can be purchased together or separately, with battery (2.4, 4.0 and 6.0 Ah) and battery charger that can be used on all applications: they are always available for use thanks to the interchangeable lithium battery with a quick and efficient charging system.

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