Cordless portable battery pressure washer


In this video we present the Gardena pressure washer with AquaClean 24 / 18V P4A ready-to-use set designed to clean houses and gardens. This compact, cordless medium pressure washer comes with a range of accessories and is ready to use.
It is one of the most versatile pressure washers in its class with an integrated battery control LED display on the pressure washer and 3 power levels that deliver 9, 14 and 24 bar of pressure.
Ideal for many activities: cleaning garden passages, paths and tiles, washing cars, bicycles and bins.
If necessary, the pressure can be reduced to 14 bar or further reduced in Soft-Clean mode. This 9 bar Soft-Clean mode is particularly ideal for delicate materials and objects. At the same time, the reduced pressure increases the battery operating time.
The pressure washer is capable of running on the lithium battery for approximately 38, 20 or 16 minutes depending on the operating mode. In addition, garden passages and tiles can be cleaned.


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