Cordless shears for effortless pruning


Alberto, a professional gardener, tries out the new AssistCut Gardena shears: an absolute novelty for those who have a gardening hobby and want to take care of his garden. These scissors can be used like normal manual shears, with only the power of the hand, or they can be used in "assisted" mode, thanks to the intelligent sensor that detects any resistance and activates the integrated motor, thus supporting the user with a power up to five times higher than the applied cutting force. In short, these are intelligent scissors which, as soon as they feel resistance or a larger branch to be cut, automatically activate the internal motor and easily cut even branches of large diameters, up to 25 millimetres. The cutting mechanism is bypass (passing blades) and the precision sharpening with special steel guarantee precise and clean cuts. The AssistCut shears have an internal motor powered by a lithium battery integrated in the handle which allows up to 1400 effortless cuts with a full charge, to take care of the garden effortlessly and with extreme precision. A modern and safe tool for pruning our plants with precision and effortlessly.

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