New cordless grass trimmers for every user


After cutting the lawn, for a perfect garden it is necessary to take care of the borders, using a lawn trimmer. This year Gardena completes the range by offering the two new EasyCut Li-18/23 and ComfortCut Li-18 / 23R battery trimmers and the three new EasyCut 450/25, ComfortCut 550/28 and PowerCut 650/28 electric trimmers.
Five new models characterized by innovation, modern design and excellent cutting results.
The new Gardena trimmers stand out for their extreme lightness (starting from 2 kg for EasyCut Li-18/23 without battery up to a maximum of 3 kg for the powerful PowerCut 650/28 model) and for their easily adjustable front handle , which guarantees the correct working position for all users. Also equipped with a telescopic handle to be able to set the height of the tool according to the height of the user.
The tilting cutting head via button allows you to comfortably cut grass under obstacles.
For perfectionists, a very comfortable and practical feature is the revolving cutting head, which allows, thanks to the installation of an additional wheel, the new edging function for vertical cutting of the cantilevered edges.
The battery trimmers EasyCut Li-18/23 and ComfortCut Li-18 / 23R (proposed with or without battery) with a cutting diameter of 230 mm and a working autonomy of 55 minutes, are able to cut up to 1,400 linear m. They work with a lithium-ion battery equipped with a "Power info" LED display to clearly display the battery status.
Their RotorCut cutting system, with durable and easily replaceable plastic blades, guarantees particularly precise lawn cutting and effective work.
For those who have to take care of the largest gardens, the EasyCut 450/25, ComfortCut 550/28 and PowerCut 650/28 electric trimmers are the most suitable. They have respectively a 450 W, 550 W and 650 W motor and a cutting diameter of 250 mm (EasyCut 450/25) and 280 mm (ComfortCut 550/28 and PowerCut 650/28). Comfortable, light and powerful, they are perfect for cutting tall and thick grass.

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