Made4DIY's appeal to respect the rules


The extraordinary emergency of these days, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, does not authorize "opportunistic behavior", which can only "worsen the situation by creating even more chaos". So Michele Zucca, president of Made4DIY (the Italian consortium of DIY and gardening manufacturers) launches an appeal "to the entire supply chain".
The consortium reiterates "the importance of adhering to the principles of loyalty and transparency that underpin commercial transactions even in difficult times like these".
Matteo Zucca says: «The overall emergency situation of our country and of all the interconnected economies cannot be used for opportunistic behaviors which can only worsen the situation by creating even more chaos, just think of the bank effect, undermining trust and the tightness of the system itself. The Retail DIY and Home improvement sector has sufficient fluidity to prevent irreversible blockages and we trust in the correct ability to read and summarize the current situation by all the boards of directors.
It is appropriate to protect all assets starting from consolidated business relationships to reach the end customer, along the entire path of added value ". It is also necessary to keep an eye on future scenarios: "As soon as possible - concludes Zucca - there will be an important recovery and it is time that we must concentrate our efforts and activate winning behaviors".

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