«110% Green Bonus to restart after Covid»


Consider the Green Bonus as a tool for the restart of the gardening sector and equate it to other deductions that are expected to increase up to 100-110%. In view of the Relaunch Decree, Assoverde wrote to Prime Minister Conte to ask him to intervene on this tool and to turn green into a "strategic resource" after the Covid-19 emergency.
After a broad premise in which he explains the importance of green in building the future post-health crisis, Assoverde makes three requests to the Conte government.
The first is to equate the interventions of green works, today deductible for 36%, to the other interventions that already provide for a deduction ranging from 50% to 65%, for which we speak of a deduction of 100%, if not 110 %.
So to raise the expenditure ceiling, from the current 5,000 euros, to at least 30,000-50,000 euros, "so that interventions of real relevance can be carried out".
Finally, reduce the amortization time of these expenses to 5 years, "in order to encourage the use of this tool in a widespread manner, in consideration of the importance that should be attributed to it".
Assoverde explains: «The strengthening of this instrument takes on strategic value, in fact, not only for the private individuals who will be able to use it, but for the administrations themselves which, through the incentive and coordination of structural interventions of green works, will be able to favor the decarbonisation, renaturalization, reconstruction of eco-systemic balances and safeguarding of biodiversity within cities.
Processes that, today more than ever, must find space in the progressive phases of readaptation of the cities determined by the Covid-19 emergency - in managing the quota measures; reduce the demand for mobility and movement; reduce gatherings; equipping schools; respond to the needs (of leisure, education and teaching) of children and adolescents; as well as to those of the elderly population, which category at greatest risk, etc. - to rethink the urban structure as a whole, both in public and private areas, “speeding up” the transition to a sustainable city model.
Green, in its various forms - to connect and enhance parts of the city; as a compositional element, in buildings, condominiums and homes; to furnish and redesign the public space; in the essential connection between sport and nature; in determining the right balance between fruition and safeguarding of the territories - it constitutes a "strategic resource" - to requalify, safeguard, design, build, furnish, link, integrate - with respect to the multiple ecological, environmental, protective, hygienic-sanitary, social and recreational functions , cultural and educational, aesthetic and architectural that green plays ».
But all this cannot be achieved only in the public sphere, so an intervention on the Green Bonus aims to encourage the action of individuals as well.
In fact, Assoverde continues: «The equipped green area - especially in the phase of progressive adaptation of cities to the current emergency condition - in addition to the benefits directly connected to the potential of greenery (reduction of temperatures, improvement of air quality, enhancement of spaces, etc. .), would bring important advantages, to meet the gaming needs of the little ones; strengthen the neighborhood network to support families; as a meeting place for teenagers; but also for adults, in particular for the elderly, with areas to stop, read the newspaper, have a quiet chat. The construction of roof gardens, green roofs, equipped terraces should, among other things, be fully part of the interventions aimed at saving energy, due to the specific functions - protective, waterproof, reducing temperatures - that the green performs ".


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