In Lombardy gardeners can work


From April 7, in Lombardy, gardeners and green maintenance workers (activities that have the Ateco code 81.3) can work for the safety measures of parks and gardens.
The President of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, had signed on 4 April a new regional Ordinance (number 521) which extends until April 13 the restrictive measures already introduced on 21, 22, 23 March. On April 6, a new ordinance introduced some changes, including one concerning the maintenance of green areas.
So reads the text of the Lombardy regional ordinance (which can be read in full here): "Landscape care and maintenance activities (code 81.3) are allowed only for the care and maintenance of parks, gardens and green areas aimed at the prevention of damage and the safety of the same areas ".
Ordinary maintenance interventions such as cutting the lawn, hedges or laying plants and lawns are therefore not allowed. The criterion is that of the "first necessity", therefore interventions that prevent the death of plants or with the aim of restoring safety, for example with an extraordinary pruning.
The ordinance does not provide for news, however, regarding the sale of flowers and plants, which remains possible only with home delivery.


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