Correct management of condominium greenery


The Vademecum was recently presented in Genoa for the care of green areas, the result of the collaboration between Assofloro and Anaci. The goal is to give condominium administrators a tool for the correct management of the gardens and parks of the properties they administer.
"A historic step to improve urban greenery and to enhance green businesses that invest in professionalism and safety," said Nada Forbici, president of Assofloro.
The Vademecum was in fact officially presented in Genoa, on the occasion of the Anaci Day which took place on 7 February in the prestigious setting of Villa del Principe. Present the national President Anaci Francesco Burrelli, the President of Assofloro Nada Forbici and hundreds of representatives of Anaci and condominium administrators from multiple parts of Italy.
The Vademecum for the care of green areas will soon be distributed to the 9000 administrators of condominium Anaci throughout Italy. The purpose of the document is to help the Administrator to choose professionals and companies, for the management and care of gardens and parks belonging to condominiums, on the basis of training and professional requirements, with particular attention to the safety procedures in the interventions of green care.
 "The Vademecum - says Andrea Pellegatta, Vice President of Assofloro and of the Italian Arboriculture Society, who intervened in Genoa for the presentation of the document - is an important tool to improve the condominium green area, enhance the professionalism of the companies but also to raise awareness among the inhabitants of house in condominium on the importance of their greenery, which must be managed according to the best agronomic practices to maximize their value, optimize the resources invested and obtain all those ecosystem benefits that greenery is able to provide. In the document we also wanted to focus attention on figures and roles involved in green care activities, for example that of the arborist and the importance of voluntary certifications, such as those of the European Tree Worker and European Tree Technician as regards interventions on trees ”.
ASSOFLORO has been stressing for some time that private green is not to be considered "series B", because - together with public green - it becomes part of the so-called "urban forest", that is, the set of all trees and green areas outside. inside the city, a system that includes parks, gardens, road trees, capable of providing important ecosystem services and which constitutes a real green network that connects the cities with the surrounding countryside, thus playing the important role of ecological corridors. This is why it is important to work and create tools to enhance the proven greenery and improve its quality, starting from the care interventions.
 "The document - underlines Nada Forbici, President of Assofloro - not only contains good practices for the correct management of green spaces but is above all a strong reference to the responsibility of the condominium administrator, who in choosing professionals and companies to whom to entrust the work on the green must always comply with the provisions of art. 2049 of the Culpa civil code in Eligendo (the responsibility for having delegated the execution of the work to a person clearly not suitable to fulfill it effectively, for example due to the lack of technical and professional skills) and art. 2043 of the civil code Culpa in Vigilando (if he has failed to fulfill his duty, as delegate of the building, to check the regular and correct execution of the works). Certainly not all administrators, even professional ones, know the civil and criminal responsibilities, to protect not only health and safety, but also how the professional figures in the condominium must operate, which must always be considered a "workplace" (and therefore subject to the provisions of Legislative Decree 81/2008, the Consolidated Law on workplace safety). Professionals and companies for the care of green areas must be chosen with diligence, based on technical, training and professional requirements and must be able to provide adequate documentation on the work they will carry out, both as regards technique and safety ".

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