Correct posture with the brush cutter


In this video Alberto, a professional gardener, explains how to use the brush cutter with a straight back and have more precision when cutting. The Trimmer Light accessory can be installed on all brushcutter models (including the multifunctional), ie a special universal "back protector" handle that allows you to grip the brushcutter in a more natural way.
In this way, work with your back straight to avoid back pain and pain at the end of the day.
Furthermore, Trimmer light allows you to have better control of the machine during trimming operations, but also and above all in more demanding cutting contexts, for example when the ground is steep or sloping. With this accessory even in these cases the back will "work" straight, without having to bend.
Trimmer light is a handle suitable for improving posture when using all brushcutters with ring grips, thus avoiding greater strain on the back and the possibility of injury. The shape of Trimmer light has been designed to give the operator a more natural and comfortable grip, in order to reduce back but also arm fatigue and thus improve posture during work.
Thanks to this "new" posture, using the brushcutter will be easier and less tiring, and you will also acquire greater sensitivity when cutting grass, thanks to more precise and less tiring movements.
This particular handle is assembled in a few minutes, it is perfectly adjusted according to the ergonomics of the gardener, as well as being adjustable according to the height of the operator and the type of work. The universal Trimmer light handle has an adjustable aluminum attachment to be fixed on a diameter of 22 to 32 mm and thus be compatible with any brush cutter or multifunction pole.

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