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A new training course, for budding gardeners or those who have been working for some time, to have the need or desire, in these post-emergency Covid-19 months, to acquire new specializations. In particular, the new project, which boasts the adhesion of Regis (Network of historic gardens), concerns the figure of gardener for historic parks and gardens. The new course will begin in the summer months, with distance theoretical lessons and a part of practice in the Monza Park.
«The project idea - explain from the Agricultural School of the Monza Park - stems from the reflections shared by the experts of the technical table belonging to ReGiS - Network of Historic Gardens, which in its first decade of activity has collected the needs expressed by a world not as invisible as the vast heritage of parks and historic gardens present in Italy and especially in Lombardy. We know that a qualification is not enough to undertake or to operate in a working context, or the only passion, although useful to overcome the efforts of the difficulties inherent in gardening ».
In fact, that of the gardener is a job that requires constant updating and training. «Especially in the art profession of the Gardener who lives every day with new dynamics dictated by natural, climatic, and anthropic variations, and today also pandemic, and needs to acquire the teamwork method, particularly sought after if it diversifies by skills and if you need to work simultaneously with architects, planners, urban planners, agronomists, and public administrators or private owners, "added the organizers.
Hence the project of the new "Expert for gardens and historical parks", which will start in the summer months with distance lessons for 15 students, led by university teachers, technicians, architects and agronomists, and with practical exercises mainly in the park of Monza which offers large workspaces even with the necessary safety distances.
The School offers module training, to add to this specialization to be acquired with the frequency of 140 hours, other certifications, among them the priority qualification of the Green Maintenance Worker lasting 180 hours (certificate regulated at national level -L.154 / 2016, art.12, and regional - Regional Standard of Professional Standards), the Tree climbing route (40 hours), the use of the elevating platform (PLE 8 hours), and not least for the technical importance of a module with tree and shrub pruning experts (20 hours).
The skills related to the maintenance of the greenery are guaranteed by basic materials such as botany and plant physiology, agronomy and pedology, phytopathology and garden protection, care of machines and equipment, gardening techniques, plantation and transplants, mowing regulations, disposal and recovery of materials of results.
For the future expert of gardens and historic parks, study lessons will be offered on the preservation and conservation of historic gardens, the architectural survey, the botany of the historic garden, landscape regulations, budgeting and cost analysis, the management and maintenance plan and the principles of enhancement and communication.
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