Course for operators in orthotherapy


The training course for orthopedic operators organized by Assiort will be held in Milan from May to July. It includes hours of classroom teaching and practical activities in the garden and in the garden.
"Orthotherapy - explain the organizers - is a rehabilitation method of discomfort and disability aimed at the recovery of the person's abilities and is based on encouraging and accompanying people in disadvantaged situations to take care of the green".
The horticultural approach to people in difficulty, which is expected to improve both the lifestyle (well-being) and the physical, psychological, social aspects, is configured as an intervention that, more completely than other approaches, covers the entire range the needs, expectations and satisfactions of the person in difficulty. More precisely, the recent review of world literature has shown how, in these cases, an approach through "green" in all its manifestations allows the increase of perception of well-being, stimulate memory, promote self-esteem, enhancing the sense insertion and participation in the group and ensuring the achievement, however, of a productivity '.
It is evident that it is necessary that the activity be carried out by a specific figure, duly trained and with a preparation aimed at optimizing the interventions that are proposed from time to time.
During the scheduled 120 hours of course, a number of topics will be addressed: first a description of the orthotherapy and its application areas; the Ass.I.Ort - PRO.VA methodology a proposal for an evaluation form; the clinical aspects, including habilitation and rehabilitation, and the agronomic ones (setting and management of a dedicated vegetable garden, choice of crops, consociations, composting); the design and organization of spaces, accessibility and usability; finally, national and international experiences with different users.
The course is aimed at professional educators, social workers, nurses, therapists, education technicians and psychiatric and psychosocial rehabilitation, teachers, environmental and sustainability educators, students, but also all those subjects who, for different reasons, are interested to horticultural therapy.
Lessons will take place at the Legambiente National Office in Milan, in via G.Vida 7 and in the gardens of via Padova, from 11 May to 7 July, on Fridays and Saturdays.
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