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Course to become a professional gardener

Course to become a professional gardener


A long-term professional course, of 600 hours, to obtain the certificate of qualification of maintainer of the green, the licenses and all the skills to work as a professional gardener: it is scheduled at the Agricultural School of Monza Park from 17 December 2019 to 17 April 2020
This training course is aimed at those who wish to become professionals in the green sector.
It can be attended by graduates of any address, graduates who intend to acquire practicality in the green sector, but also by those who wish to be professionally converted in the field of gardening, which requires trained and motivated personnel.
Not only: "The course - the organizers explain - can also offer job opportunities, thanks to the relationships of trust and collaboration with numerous companies in the sector that from all over Italy turn to the Agricultural School for names of people to hire".
The course prepares to fill future positions of responsibility as an employee, starting from the position of foreman, and helps to develop, for those who are suitable, entrepreneurial skills for self-employment.
Topics covered during the lectures include: Vegetal Repertory; Gardening: planting and management techniques; Arboriculture; Business management; Design; Safety. Practical and specialized exercises are planned in the farmhouse and at external sites.
At the end of the course the license will be issued for the qualification to run rubber-tyred agricultural tractors, for the use of plant protection products and third category PPE certification.
The skills acquired are certified by the Lombardy Region with the release, on passing the final exam, of the relevant Certificate of competence with the qualification value of Maintenance of the green pursuant to Article 12 paragraph 2 of the law 154/2016 recognized throughout the territory national.
The course has a limited number and is offered in two annual editions.
"For the first time - they explain from the Agricultural School of the Monza Park - we have scheduled an edition from December to April, in order to favor - compared to a course ending in July - an immediate insertion in the world of work".
An open presentation day will take place from 10:30 am on Monday 28 October; it is also always possible to reserve preliminary interviews for admission.
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