Working in the treetops: a workshop to treat them safely


The activities of foresters and arborists is exciting, challenging and dangerous at the same time; For these reasons, appropriate equipment, personal protective equipment, and quality training are essential to put on a secure basis. With proper education, in fact, can learn the techniques work more accurate, productive and safe for the health of the trees, the operators and for all citizens. Forestalia, salon Agroforestry that takes form in Piacenza 17 to 19 April 2015 demonstrates, therefore, an ideal opportunity to learn directly with the leading issues of management of trees and safety at work. In this regard Training 3T studied a program of workshops to provide information, tools and food for thought to those who deal with trees.Some of the topics covered:**Tree climbing**: lift and positioning on crampons, recovery techniques wounded.**Arboriculture and Forestry**, comparison of professions: the difference between the techniques of cutting with chainsaw and different professional goals.**Staging road works** in the presence of vehicular traffic.Training 3T at Forestalia 2013 photo of Roby Morleo

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