Course to become an arborist


At the Agricultural School of the Monza Park a new course is planned to become a professional arborist. The training course, lasting 280 hours, will start on November 8th and will end at the end of January 2024.
A new training opportunity for those who work with trees.
The arborist is a professional figure who has recently obtained legal recognition with specific skills, as illustrated in this video that explains who he is, how he works and what are the requirements to become an arborist.
The complete description of the course, the methods of delivery and enrollment, costs and the program are available on the website of the Agricultural School of the Monza Park. The training proposal includes various subjects, including work at height on tree climbing and platforms, safety and accident prevention, arboriculture, knowledge and use of the chainsaw and plant protection products.
For more information, you can write to or call 039.5161202.

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