Course: how to make the vegetable garden


A good vegetable garden, but also beautiful to look at: this is the theme of the free courses that Viridea organizes from Saturday, March 11 in its garden centers. Participants will learn, with the help of an expert, to realize a decorative vegetable garden, a space that is designed to produce vegetables in season, but at the same time give a twist to the garden décor to the balcony, thanks to the combination of plants and flowers.
The meetings, lasting two hours, will be taught by Dana Frigerio, garden designers and bloggers, director of the digital magazine dedicated to green and Blossomzine plants.
The expert will explain how to design a decorative vegetable garden adapting to the available space, in the garden or on the balcony, illustrating the main differences between cultivation in the ground and in pots, and sharing some ideas regarding herb garden, urban garden and vegetable garden, and true own.
It will then illustrate in detail how to make your garden by choosing plants according to different situations and seasons, and how to make decorative harmonizing vegetables with other plants and flowers.
Finally, do not miss some practical advice on the fertilization and defense from the main pests. Dana Frigerio will remain available after the meeting to answer specific questions and curiosity of those present.

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