Trees in the city, a course for professionals


Transform waste, in this case those of the pruning and maintenance of the trees, into a valuable asset. It will take place on 10 and 11 March the course "of wood urban enhancement. Create value with city trees and the woods behind the house ", designed for those working in the forest or on urban trees and for anyone involved in building with wood. The ultimate goal is to promote micro economies that give value to what otherwise would be considered just a waste to be disposed.
Recipients are gardeners, arborists, forestry companies, but also of wood workers and professionals of this sector.
"The course - explain the agricultural school in Monza - will promote the culture of wood, the opportunity to give new life through a chain of people from timber recovered from logs resulting from redevelopment activities of urban wooded or cutting of individual trees , produce and manufactured products to meet the wishes of consumers who pay attention to sustainable development and certify them with the wood come brand ".
The promotion of the reuse of wood urban culture and mobile saw mills is an operation already initiated on the basis of consolidated foreign experiences.
The LegnoUrbano movement is a shared business project and culture together, which is aimed at the creation of an organized chain on the local area aimed at preserving the wood of urban trees (public and private) to be subjected to killing, and earmarked for non-destructive end-use. This is accomplished through the widespread dissemination of small mobile sawmills from operators arboriculture (gardeners, arborists, forest farms, etc,).

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