How to protect plants during the winter


Prepare for winter in the garden, learning how to protect plants from cold temperatures and weather events: from Saturday, November 5, Viridea organizes in its garden centers a free dating cycle led by Anna Bocchietti, environmental expert, consultant landscape architect and botanical . 

"The naturalist - explanatory Viridea - present simple measures agronomic and methods of protection to allow the plants, both those located in the ground than to those on terraces and balconies, to ride out the cold weather of winter." 

The course is designed for all gardening enthusiasts. 

"The expert - conclude the organizers - will provide an overview of the plants that need protection by sharing information about the climatic conditions suitable and adverse. It will also offer a number of valuable practical advice about the different plants of the earth protection methodologies and potted , the use of greenhouses to the choice of the most suitable materials for mulching ". 

The courses are completely free and require no registration.


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