How to make an irrigation system for terraces and gardens


Orchard or garden, balcony or terrace: for any green space you have available you can design a domestic micro-irrigation system. But how? To give helpful advice and practical suggestions Viridea proposes in its garden centers a series of free meetings with an expert, dedicated to all those who have the desire and curiosity to try their hand.To conduct the courses, lasting two hours, will be Massimo Mercantini, journalist expert in gardening and horticulture: explain the fundamental role of water in cultivation, the main aspects related to the dynamics of interaction between land and water, and finally will present in detail the main methods of irrigation in the house, terrace, garden and orchard.Participants will be able to get information and specific guidance with respect to micro-irrigation through drip, drip, porous pipe, and in the presence of mulch. Finally, you will learn how to choose and set a programmer to create automated systems; after Massimo Mercantini will remain available to answer questions of those present.The courses are free and do not require reservations; They will be held May 7 in Montebello della Battaglia and San Martino Siccomario, May 14 in Cusago and Rho, May 21 in Settimo Torinese and Collegno, May 28 in Rodano, on June 4 in Quartesolo.

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