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New training proposals for starting work, to find new job opportunities quickly, thanks to a specialization that meets the demands of the market. Agricultural School of the Monza Park has developed a new training offer within the "GOL" program of the Lombardy Region, for the reduction of unemployment.
The Agricultural School of the Monza Park has already presented a new training offer aimed at a rapid insertion into the world of work.
GOL: a Employability Guarantee Program
From moments of great difficulty, new professional perspectives can arise through a short but specialized and easily applicable training. The GOL program - Guarantee of Employability of Workers - of the Lombardy Region, which is represented with a value of 75 million euros, invites all accredited regional bodies to provide training and accompaniment activities for a prompt job placement, through a solid network system between the Employment Centers, the territorial training institutions and all the subjects useful to facilitate the best employment result for the person who will choose the GOL Program.
Who is it for?
To all people aged 30 to 65, resident and / or domiciled in Lombardy, without any employment relationship, generally beneficiaries of social safety nets, for example NASPI and DIS-COLL, or those who are receiving the Citizenship Income.
In addition, all fragile workers under the age of 55, generally unemployed for at least six months, in care or reported by the social or health services, and those who have a certificate of disability.
These accompanying work services are particularly aimed at women and young people in order to become a tool for developing new competences and personal skills, which can be welcomed in new workplaces.
The innovative proposal of the Agricultural School of the Monza Park
The themes suggested by the GOL program give particular emphasis to the new professions that involve the world of digital and, directly and indirectly, the world of nature. The Monza Park School, which this year celebrates the milestone of 120 years of activity, is a recognized excellence in this area of study. The training courses involve over 2,000 people throughout the year, with an offer that favors immediate insertion in the agriculture, food, forestry and environment sectors.
Strengthened by these skills, the School has developed over the years a personalized offer for every type of professional interest, and today it is ready to actively respond to the proposals of the GOL program. Most of the courses offered in this area will allow you to acquire certified professional skills and / or figures included in the Regional Framework of Professional Standards (QRSP) of the Lombardy Region.
The training courses within the GOL Program
Gardener worker: to work in contact with nature and especially in the gardening sector.
Expert in basic gardening techniques: special specializations such as knowledge of the Japanese garden are included.
Expert in tree pruning techniques: to operate correctly on trees, we also propose specialized modules of tree climbing, i.e. work at height on the rope, use of the platform, and practice with the chainsaw, and the main knowledge of the Environmental Impact Assessment (VTA).
Phytosanitary license: now mandatory to intervene in the defense of plants; it is a training regulated by the regional phytosanitary offices.
Florist: with all the necessary knowledge to open a flower shop or practice freelance in setting up, such as weddings, ceremonies in general and events.
Expert in Wellbeing Gardens and Gardens: recently recognized professional figure, who can work in cooperatives and in social or health care structures.
Craft brewer: he is a technician who, through a training course with real master brewers in the chair, will be able to operate in craft breweries and / or breweries.
CEA EXPERT: satisfies those who choose to specialize in cultivations in controlled environments to become a Technician for the certification of agricultural products.
Dog sitter: a course that transforms a canine passion into a job that must have all the skills needed to establish a better relationship with the best pet we know.
Social Media Manager: teaches how to plan and implement instant communication strategies through social networks (facebook, instagram, twitter, whatsapp, etc.l
Registration and information:
Every citizen residing or domiciled in R

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