Courses for cultivating organic garden


Viridea in partnership with Compo and My Garden, organizes from Saturday, February 28th a free course dedicated to the organic: lots of valuable advice and practical tips to successfully cultivate vegetables good and natural.The meetings, lasting two hours, will be held by Massimo Mercantini, journalist expert in gardening and horticulture, director of the magazines My Garden" and "Green Thumb".The expert will present the concept of the organic garden, the orchard also focusing in pots, illustrating all aspects essential to achieve a satisfactory harvest: the land and its preparation, the role of fertilizers, composting and proper irrigation.The journalist will also address the issue of rotation and intercropping, provide suggestions about the plants 'useful' and remedies best suited in the case of pests or diseases, not to mention some hints on the important role of the Moon.After the meeting, Massimo Mercantini will remain available to present to answer any specific questions and curiosity.All participants will be offered some freebies provided by Compo, including guides dedicated to organic and samples of fertilizer with sheep's wool.The courses are free of charge, does not require registration and will be held according to the following timetable:Viridea Garden Center Rho (MI): Saturday, February 28, 10 am - tel. 02/93208201Viridea Garden Center Cusago (MI): Saturday, February 28, 15 hours - tel. 02/90390787Viridea Garden Center San Martino Siccomario (PV): Saturday, March 7, 10 am - tel. 0382/496701 Viridea Garden Center Montebello della Battaglia (PV): Saturday, March 7, at 15 - tel. 0383/892253 Viridea Garden Center Torri Di Quartesolo (VI): Saturday, March 14, 15 hours - tel. 0444/261301 Viridea Garden Center Rhone (MI): Saturday, March 21, 15 hours - tel. 02/95957301Viridea Garden Center Settimo Torinese (TO): Saturday, March 28, 10 am - tel. 011/8211488Viridea Garden Center Collegno (TO): Saturday, March 28, 15 hours - tel. 011/4536401"

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