All you have to know about roses


A feast dedicated to May flower for excellence, the rose. From Flover to Bussolengo, a variety of events are planned to know the varieties and learn how to cultivate them, asking for expert advice or taking part in courses for an impeccable garden.
Until May 21, 2017, Flover will turn into a rose garden: you can stroll through several specimens, get lost in their perfume and learn about the very particular typologies such as British and ancient roses, in large modern flower bushes, hybrids of Tea And large flowers, floribunde roses, landscaping, nostalgic, climbing, sapling, classics, dwarf bushes and patented dwarf roses.
On the occasion of the Rose Party there will be organized courses to deepen their knowledge of the world of roses and techniques to be used to get the most out of this beautiful flower.
Saturday, May 6, 2017, from 16.00 to 18.00, in Bussolengo (Vr) and Saturday, 13 May 2017 at Ca di David (Vr), educational courses with Arena Vivai experts to know everything about the rose world: history, distinction in categories, features And curiosity, but also what techniques to use to get a better bloom, which species prefer depending on the characteristics of your garden and what kind of protection to use to defend plants from diseases and parasites.
Cost of the single course € 5, includes a rose plant and exclusive discounts reserved for the participants in the course. Cash inscriptions or


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