Covid-19: management of mosquitoes in the garden


Relationship between mosquitoes and Covid-19, between myths to dispel and tips for the garden. Assofloro has released a contribution by Francesco Fiorente, forestry doctor and consultant in Pest management, to clarify and provide useful strategies to those who deal with maintenance of greenery and gardens.
«In this period of extraordinary health emergency it is good to specify that there is no scientific evidence about the possibility that mosquitoes can transmit Sars-Cov-2, the new coronavirus. The information was provided primarily by WHO and confirmed by other European and Italian Health Authorities ", explains Fiorente" Mosquitoes are, however, involved in the transmission of other pathogenic viruses that cause arboviruses: for example. West Nile fever, chikungunya, etc. "
These are diseases generated by viruses that are strongly linked to mosquitoes to spread in the environment. Which does not happen with Sars-Cov-2 nor with other respiratory viruses.
"Of course - continues Fiorente - based on the experiences of the past few years, it is strongly recommended to adequately manage mosquitoes, starting to prevent their presence to avoid the onset of other health problems".
Among the useful tips, as always, avoid stagnation of water, which can accumulate in saucers, manholes and gutters, watering cans and buckets, drinkers and bowls, cisterns and containers for rainwater; keep fountains and ornamental pools clean, perhaps introducing red fish, natural predators of the larvae; periodically use larvicidal products from April to November.
«We remind you that to provide disinfestation services to third parties, including larvicidal and adulticidal interventions against mosquitoes, it is necessary to comply with the specific requirements indicated in Law no. 82 and in the D.M. July 7, 1997, n. 27. The ATECO reference code is code 81.29.10 ".


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