Plus X Award for Cramer


A highlight is the new 82 V cordless chain saw from Cramer. The professional device was awarded by the jury of the Plus X Award in the categories high quality, ease of use, functionality and ergonomics. The certificate will be presented at GaLaBau Nürnberg on the first day of the fair.
Trees can now be cut powerfully without exhaust fumes in the face. The new Cramer 82V cordless chainsaw delivers 2.5 kW at a torque of 2.6 Nm and a chain speed of 24 m/s, thus entering the domain of gasoline-powered equipment for agriculture and forestry as well as green area maintenance and landscaping.
The Cramer 82V cordless chain saw is predestined for tree care work. It is even the market leader in force, torque and cutting performance. The brushless motor is extremely efficient and maintenance-free and can be optimally dosed in its performance via the infinitely variable operating lever.
The new Cramer cordless chain saw is lightweight and has a well-balanced centre of gravity. It is extremely stable because the underside of the housing is made of magnesium for long durability in professional use. The weight without battery is 4.3 kg including 33 cm sword and chain.


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