Creating and managing a Mediterranean garden: online course


How is a Mediterranean garden created and then maintained? And what are the main adversities to consider? We will talk about it in the in-depth course organized online by the Agricultural School of the Monza Park, starting on June 8 (for 16 hours).
The introductory course on the creation and management of a Mediterranean garden is open to everyone, professional and non-professional.
The basic tools will be provided to set up a garden and recognize the main native plants of the areas of the world with a Mediterranean climate, to create a sustainable garden and understand its management and care.
The harmonies of shapes, colors and scents with which it is possible to create a Mediterranean garden are manifold: knowing how to choose the right plant for the right place, analyzing the climate, exposure and soil is the basis of the success of a garden. Trees, shrubs, herbs, perennials and geophytes represent our tools for creating a natural-looking garden, trying to go and simulate what happens spontaneously in our Mediterranean environment.
The use of Mediterranean plants allows to drastically reduce the use of fertilizers and plant protection products, thus limiting the necessary cultivation interventions. Water is an increasingly precious asset and with the correct cultivation techniques, the use of the right plants and the many alternatives to the turf can not be unnecessarily wasted.
Content program:
- Discovering Mediterranean plants: main species, how to choose; possible exit to a specialized nursery.
- How to design a Mediterranean garden: basic design and rules to follow
- How to manage a Mediterranean garden: irrigation, fertilization, prevention of the main adversities.
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