The crib of the Pope comes from Verona


The experience of Flover arrive at the Vatican. Verona and his Nativity in Opera" will be the stars at Christmas in St. Peter's Square. The city of Verona was chosen to carry the Great Nativity in the Vatican and Flover Bussolengo (Vr) contributes to the realization of the event strong expertise gained over the years with the Christmas Village Flover, the largest indoor Christmas market in Italy.The Vatican entrusts each year the construction of the Nativity of St. Peter's Square in a region or city Italian. Two years ago the Basilicata he completed a crib made of a scene representing the Sassi of Matera, last year the Campania with a setting of the eighteenth century Neapolitan.Long experienceThis year the honor goes to Verona, which will lead to the Crib in Rome Opera. A choice "lyrical", that represents the city. The work offers a reinterpretation of the scenery of Richard Vanessa Elixir of Love by Gaetano Donizetti, represented last year at the Philharmonic Theatre Foundation Arena. The set design, in its composition and spatial articulation, becomes an ideal place for the representation of the Nativity, because is inspired by a real crib, where the Holy Family is located under the terrace of an inn. Made in the style Neapolitan, with a group of large-size statues, will occupy an area of 260 square meters.The Nativity in Opera will be inaugurated by Pope Francis, will remain in Rome until February 5, 2015 and will be visited by thousands of pilgrims, that through this realization will know the city of opera."


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