Cultivate soilless and in protected environments


At the Agricultural School of the Monza Park a new course - online and in person - for CEA Expert, expert in cultivations in controlled and soilless environments. An open day is scheduled for Wednesday 13 October, from 9pm.
The course will provide the basics on nursery techniques and soilless cultivation in protected environments. It will also deepen the different aspects of soilless cultivation in a controlled environment (Controlled Environment Agriculture - CEA).
In particular, the following topics will be covered: internal atmosphere control and management systems (light, R.H. temperature, etc.); the types of soilless cultivation systems and their use for the cultivation of the various species of agricultural interest, with particular reference to horticultural and floricultural species; the choice of the growing medium and containers; the management of the nutrient solution; the main cultivation techniques and their impact on the quality of the products.
The course is developed over a period of 6/8 months (from mid-November to mid-July) and is divided into three modules: basic, intermediate and advanced. It provides for a total of 180 hours (60 hours for each module), which will take place both remotely (online, in the afternoon) and face-to-face for the application / practical part.
For more information, visit the Monza Park Agricultural School website at this link

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