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To prepare the branches for the winter season, Gardena offers the new EasyCut, EnergyCut, TeleCut and SlimCut Loppers, for innovation, ease of use and design.
A complete range consisting of 8 branch cutters, to satisfy any user and to satisfy every cutting need.
Accompanied by a non-stick coating, which reduces friction, for an easier cut and equipped with an ergonomic handle with soft inserts to ensure less fatigue when using the tool. Furthermore, the use of aluminum for the handles gives them extreme lightness.
In addition, for consumer protection, the new EasyCut, EnergyCut and TeleCut Lop saws are equipped with shock absorbers to protect the user's wrists.
The EasyCut line is made up of three EasyCut 500 B, EasyCut 680 B and EasyCut 680 A, which have a length of 500, 680 and 680 mm respectively. Extremely light (respectively 781 g, 918 g and 931 g), they allow to easily cut branches with a diameter up to 40/42 mm. Equipped with a Bypass cutting mechanism, the EasyCut 500 B and EasyCut 680 B Lop saws are ideal for cutting fresh branches; the EasyCut 680 A model, with an anvil cutting mechanism, is perfect for cutting hard and dry wood.
The three EnergyCut 600 B, EnergyCut 750 B and EnergyCut 750 A models of the EnergyCut line of Loppers allow a particularly easy use since they are equipped with an integrated transmission that guarantees greater power, but with an enormous reduction in the force required.
Light (1,000 g, 1,114 g and 1,119 g), they have a length of 600, 750 and 750 mm respectively. and a cutting diameter of 42 mm. The EnergyCut 600 B and EnergyCut 750 B branch cutters are equipped with a Bypass cutting mechanism and are perfect for cutting fresh branches; the EnergyCut 750 A model, with an anvil cutting mechanism, is instead ideal for cutting hard and dry wood. The Loppers of the EnercyCut line are equipped with a replaceable upper blade and the fixing is adjustable as desired.
The two Telescopic Loppers TeleCut 520-670B and TeleCut 650-900B are distinguished by the telescopic function, by means of a button located near the handle, which allows their length to be adjusted (respectively from 520 to 670 mm and from 650 to 900 mm). Ideal for cutting fresh branches, they weigh 816 g and 1,026 g and are equipped with a Bypass cutting mechanism.
The big news this year is the SlimCut Shredder, which thanks to the zero opening angle and the narrow cutting head, allows you to cut branches easily even in tight spaces, such as thick bushes and shrubs. It has a total length of 117 cm, a cutting width of 28 mm and weighs only 1,020 g. The SlimCut Shredder is also equipped with a Bypass cutting mechanism and is equipped with an integrated double ring transmission, which guarantees an optimal cutting force: with a simple movement the transmission can be set with a 1:12 ratio, for cutting branches thick, or with a 1: 6 ratio, for quick cuts and thin branches.

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