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Cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum) has heart-shaped and decorative leaves. The flowers can be large or small depending on the variety, a color that varies from white to red, passing through all shades of pink. There are also varieties with two-colored flowers, mottled or fringed.
The cyclamen blooms from September until the end of winter. Love the shade, full or partial, and the cool climate, with a maximum of 18-20 ° C: live well on a sill or a sheltered balcony. The small-flowered varieties are suitable for outdoor living where they have a long life. The cyclamens resist well even in cool and very bright indoor environments, far from heat sources.
It can be used in vases, bowls and boxes; and it is an excellent (and widespread) idea as a plant to give away.
The cyclamen loves humidity, but it is very sensitive to water stress: it must therefore be watered regularly, but without ever exceeding the amount of water. It is advisable to wet in the saucer, removing the remaining water after 15 minutes; in fact, water stagnation must be avoided.
Every 15 days during the development of the plant, weekly in full bloom, it is necessary to proceed to the fertilization with a specific liquid product for cyclamen or for flowering plants diluted in irrigation water.
Cyclamen flourishes better in fairly small pots, so they should only be decanted when the roots have become very thick and emerge from the drainage holes. The repotting is carried out in spring, at the end of the flowering, placing a layer of expanded clay balls on the bottom of the new container.
Large-flowered cyclamens are less resistant to cold, while small-flowered cyclamens are more rustic and suitable for outdoor living. To prolong the flowering, it is advisable to eliminate the withered flowers, detaching the stems with a slight twist. The cyclamens lend themselves to autumn compositions, combined with plants with similar needs: edera, violas, hebe, heather etc.
Source: Promogiardinaggio

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