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Dametto Garden Center

Passion and professionalism have always driven our business: a passion that comes from afar, many years ago when we started this adventure and that every day we are engaged in research of plants, flowers and first-quality products; the professionalism that we require all staff to meet the needs of even the most difficult customers and allows us to give answers and tips for green. Dametto Garden Center is a world where green is really the protagonist: the florist is conceived as a creative laboratory to give vent to ideas, opportunities and special events; the plants and the nursery are selected with care and love by the best national and international manufacturers; gardening ranges from un'agraria qualified for the care and protection of plants to accessories for hobbyists and professionals; we have a simple vase becomes a piece of furniture, glass, ceramic, terracotta ... ... and if you try GIFT IDEA truly original for Christmas, Easter or any other event you will be spoiled for choice. Many ideas and solutions to experience the Green your home: from the garden to the balcony, flowers and plants to color your space.

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Dametto Garden Center
Via Verdi 87, Oderzo (TV)

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