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The garden photographer, interview with Dario Fusaro

The garden photographer, interview with Dario Fusaro


Dario Fusaro is now considered one of the greatest photographers of gardens in Italy. GardenTV interviewed him, asking him to tell readers: the very first with the film to the new possibilities of digital, how her shots and who is addressed as well as some advice for those who would like to experiment with the genre of photography in the garden. **Dario Fusaro, you are considered one of the greatest photographers of gardens in Italy. How did this profession start?** As often happens in life, it was a chance encounter: a photographer of gardens had to make a services and asked me to go with her to take care of some details. It was the time of the film and everything was in fact much more complicated. I went with her in the garden and for me it was a real discovery, a change which also put me in front of a skill you never knew I had. And the funny thing is that I realized right away. Since then there have been about twenty years. **A period during which there were also big changes in technology, from film to digital. How was for you?** Sure, at first it was a real tragedy for many. Now, however, I would not go back even if I could. Now we finally have a total control of the work: there is no longer the unknown laboratory, the risk of damage during the development phase.Once the work is concluded at the time of shooting, but today begins with the click; it has the ability to enhance and especially in the case of photography of gardens to eliminate the noise elements (for example a manhole is a large element of disturbance): in a garden, in fact everything is visible on one dimension. **In terms of equipment and time, what do you need to capture the perfect shot?** The perfect shot is actually the result of many things, for example, not only the right equipment. Let's say, to catch him in a garden, you need a more things happen, you need to occur something exciting, dictated by light or by the conditions at the time. **Seasons and times of the day: what are your favorite and the best to take?** As regards the seasons can not say to have a preferred, any time is good. Compared to light however, the hours are best to take the late afternoon or early in the morning on a sunny day, we say between 6 am and 8 am. However, since you can not always get into the gardens at this hour, here it shoots more often in the afternoon. **Who takes his images? To whom?** I work for magazines and public books: every year it public at least one. I'm currently working on several projects, which I hope will materialize soon. Unfortunately the publishing market does not live a happy moment. **You were spoking about the emotion in his photographs ...** The emotion is the real key. I speak of the emotion that you receive from the garden, and that in turn will try to re-transmit an image. The photograph of gardens is very different in this from other genera, for example from that of architecture, which has well-defined rules, and even than that of the landscape, which may be closer to the subject, although it has particular rules and characteristics. In a garden, we create a situation: it is a small landscape, within which we can move, depending on the light. **What advice would you give to those who are passionate about photography and garden, to start or improve themselves in this genre?** I would say that to begin with, the passion for the green is enough to photograph. For those who want to improve, the suggestion is to look at the work of the accredited photographers, to see the methods, think about the shots.What I think is a certain point is to build the image in my head before it into the camera and then reconstruct that which was expected. All this is always feasible: is like painting, it is just to figure out how to tell the better, for example by reallocating space, colors shots.


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