Data 2016: increasing the gardening companies


Gardening is one of the sectors in 2016 showed a positive trend. In fact they increased the number of companies that deal with maintenance and care of green.
During the meeting of the presidents of chambers of commerce throughout Italy, which took place in Padua in late January, the data concerning the register of companies in 2016, in practice a photograph of the inscriptions were disclosed and business closures for the year ended, realized by Infocamere, which is part of Unioncamere.
In general, the national scene sees an increase of 0.7% of the companies. A percentage obtained thanks to a slowdown of the closures, even in the face of a few new subscriptions.
The horticultural sector is among those positively: +1169 with companies registered in 2016 dealing with gardens and maintenance of the green (the other fields preceded by a + sign are those of tourism, catering, cleaning, personal services such as hairdressers and tattoo artists; evil instead, for example, construction).
A fact worth noting: a company of 10 is led by a young person under the age of 35.

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