Slightly reduced green machines: the fault of drought


A modest contraction compared to last year, a -0.6% that should be attributed to the particular meteorological conditions recorded in 2017. Comagarden / Morgan data on the sale of machinery and equipment for gardening and care of the green reveal how the long drought that characterized last year, reducing the vegetative activity of the plants, penalized the market of traditional maintenance machines, especially mowers, chainsaws and brushcutters.
At the end of the year, the data produced by the Italian association of builders Comagarden and by the Morgan statistical survey group show a total of 1,220,632 units sold (including all types of machinery, from self-propelled vehicles to motorized equipment, to the simplest manual tools) . In percentage terms this sales volume decreased by 0.6% compared to 1,227,484 units in 2016, largely determined by weather conditions.
The long drought that hit the country, with over 30% of rainfall compared to the historical average - explains the statistical office of Comagarden - has in fact considerably slowed the vegetative activity of the plants, leading to a reduction in the demand for machinery.
This is clear in the case of lawnmowers, which are down by 4.5%, of brushcutters, which are down 3%, trimmer (-2.2%), shredders (-9%), and chainsaws (-1.5%).
On the contrary, the types of machines that are not strictly related to the management of plant biomass are on the increase and may have multi-purpose uses, such as tractors, which increase sales by 7.3%, and blowers / vacuums (also used for cleaning and maintenance in urban contexts) which represent an asset of 15.9%.
In the area of lawnmowers, robotic ones are countertrend, although they represent a low share of the total (around 7%), closing 2018 with a very marked increase compared to the previous year (+ 18.5%).
In terms of units, the most significant type of machines is that of chainsaws (340 thousand pieces sold), followed by lawnmowers (267.197) and brushcutters (248.460). Just as the lack of rains has influenced the maintenance activities and therefore the machine market, the abundant snowfall that occurred in some areas of the country has pushed the demand for snow plows, which close with a substantial growth, equal to 29 , 1%, at the rate of 5,195 units compared to 4,024 the previous year.
"The meteorological trend - explains Comagarden - is destined to condition the market also in the course of 2018, and the cold and bad weather that characterized the first months of the year could have compromised some typical maintenance of this season with negative reflections on the application for machinery. The second variable to consider is the general trend of the economy: if it should be confirmed that recovery that characterized 2017, this would have an impact on investments for the purchase of machinery by public administrations, plant managers and the audience of the enthusiasts and lovers of gardening. If this does not happen, the market will be more prudent ".

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