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Davide Simionato Landscape Studio

Making the agronomist and forestry is not only to know the name of plants, know physiology or scientific establishment, but it is feeling the plants, animals and nature as a fundamental part of their lives. The mission of the multidisciplinary study of David Simionato is bring nature back where it has disappeared: from the garden to garden, from the forests to the landscape, from farm to fork.
Major Davide Simionato Landscape Studio activities:

  • Planning, construction supervision and management of works in the public and private green, especially gardens, parks, green and recreational sports, green roof and furniture, vegetable-gardens, orchards and synergistic fitoalimurgici, wellness gardens. Restoration, re-use and re-designing of green historical, historic parks and gardens.
  • Irrigation systems and constructed wetlands, water recovery systems, bioretention, rain gardens. Design and construction of lakes and natural wetlands.
  • Consulting design and management of lawns and turfs: rustic meadows, recreational, anti-soil erosion, flower meadows; sports turf and valuable.
  • Planning and environmental redevelopment, restoration of abandoned and degraded areas, such as former industrial sites, former quarries, polluted areas, etc.
  • Design and consultancy for the construction of rural hedgerows, tree-shrub-natural systems, reforestation.
  • Botanical and phytosociological studies.
  • Green Census: parks, gardens, public trees system.
  • Consultancy and technical expertise in the field for wood and ornamental, plant pathology expertise, stability evaluations of the trees and geo-biological investigations.
  • Advice on pruning, turnarounds radicals, management services of valuable trees, and fitoiatrici endotherapic treatments.
  • Agricultural advice for starting and management of conventional and organic farms, particularly in the horticultural and fruit character.
  • Technical agro-environmental appraisals for damage of bad weather (hail, frost, wind, etc.).
  • Services and education for good management and conservation of the environment and of ornamental plants: lessons and school workshops on different naturalistic disciplines, visits, historical and environmental guides on the territory.
  • Conferences and training courses for professionals or enthusiasts, such as gardening, ornamental plants, ornamental and fruit pruning, horticulture, fruit, herbs, etc.

Since 2012

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Davide Simionato Landscape Studio
Via Mussolini 2/A, Borgoricco (PD)

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