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The business reality De Masi has behind decades of activity; It was born thanks to the sacrifice and determination of Mr Giuseppe De Masi, who, starting in 1954 in Calabria from a modest machine shop, managed to organize his dream in the Piana di Gioia Tauro (RC) around a group of companies that give employment to over 150 people.

The core business is focused on Agriculture, especially in the production of machines for harvesting olives and hanging fruits: mechanizing the prevailing culture of the territory, in the early 70s the company De Masi have become technological leaders of the agricultural sector South Italy. And they have remained, through continuous improvement and segmentation of productive activity, exporting its know-how also abroad (Spain, Portugal, Greece, Australia, Mexico, Israel, Chile, Turkey, Iran, Morocco, Tunisia) . Today, companies De Masi are part of a diverse group and are, each individually, the reference point of the specific market segment.
De Masi Costruzioni Srl operates in Iª Industrial Zone of Gioia Tauro (RC) with a production plant which covers an area of 30,000 square meters, of which ca. 8,000 covered with three industrial warehouses. The company manufactures and sells machines and equipment for agriculture, a sector in which it is the market leader in the Mediterranean countries. The strengths of its products reside in innovation and technology, also achieved thanks to collaboration agreements with various universities, which resulted in the filing of numerous patents.

De Masi SpA, based in Rizziconi (RC), deals with the marketing of machines, tools and products for agriculture. Opera also specializes in the maintenance of port facilities and container ships within the port of Gioia Tauro.

Demtech Srl provides innovative solutions for citizens and local governments in the adoption of the best strategies to increase the level of habitability of urban and suburban communities and at the same time lowering the level of risks in case of natural disasters. Patented, it manufactures and markets "SafetyCell ™", the first "Shell Safety Modular" (Safety Cell) in the world, an innovative modular protection system forms and variable geometry for civil rooms, residential, public and industrial facilities - awarded as "innovative product of the year 2012" at the SAIE in Bologna.

Other companies of De Masi Group are active in logistics and handling of goods inside the port of Gioia Tauro, the galvanizing metals and light metal structural work (with a production plant new concept which is among the largest in the Centre- Southern Italy).

The family De Masi is constantly investing in research and development, opening outlets in new markets. The name De Masi is also associated with numerous battles for legality that family members have fought to ensure the life of their companies. The habit of giving primary importance to the relationship with its employees is demonstrated, among other things, by the excellent labor relations, always free of controversy.

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