Decorate terraces and gardens to enjoy it all year round


ClickUp! di Gardena is the new system created by Gardena that includes a range of decorative elements for the garden that can be used all year round and designed to customize your outdoor living space.
The new ClickUp! Gardena is versatile, flexible and perfect for all seasons.
The basic accessory of the new ClickUp system! Gardena consists of the Gardena ClickUp! made of durable FSC certified larch wood. Inspired by the Original Gardena System, the rod is equipped with the Original Gardena One-Click coupling, which allows a quick, simple, stable and swing-free connection of all accessories with just one click.
There are five components that can be associated with the ClickUp Support Auction! Gardena and each have different functions, even if they share the material with which they were made, which is very resistant and easy to maintain. Furthermore, their linear design makes them perfect in any context.


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