Demogarden: courses, events and workshops in San Rossore


In addition to the many areas to touch" and to field test the latest news about the equipment for the care and maintenance of the garden, Demogarden is increasingly becoming an event to promote the culture of the green. Thanks to the collaboration of industry experts, including 3T Training, Study of Arboriculture, Turf Europe, University of Pisa and Country Life, was created a full calendar of events, training courses and workshops aimed at both professions is the "amateur ". Appointments something for every taste: from the most professional courses for the proper preparation of a road construction site in the presence of traffic in the operations management of the trees, in moments dedicated to hobbyists to deepen and better, for example, techniques for pruning roses and of the flowering shrubs in the garden, going for "lessons" about the history of the garden, from the Babylonians to the present, but also training on the national Action Plan (NAP) for the sustainable use of plant protection products on major diseases of turf and much more. Obviously you will talk and discuss a lot about regulations and safety."

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