Design balconies and terraces


A specialization course dedicated to balconies and terraces, to "Technical and artistic solutions" to design and manage them: the Agricultural School of the Monza Park organizes it from 18 to 21 February 2019.
"Aimed at gardeners and designers of the green, the course aims to be a practical guide to the planning and management of the green space of the city, from a small balcony to the balcony, from a terrace to a large attic", reads the presentation on the school website .
The organization of space will be deepened through the selection of species suitable for growing in pots.
It will also talk about the combination and combination of plants belonging to different categories (climbers, shrubs, bulbs, perennials, seasonal but also aromatic, vegetables and fruit) and finally a harmonious choice of vases and furnishings.
To define the project a board will be drawn up with a simple outline to consider, evaluate and define all the aspects that will compose the green space: environmental conditions, plants, vases and containers, functional or decorative furnishings, management aspects such as the irrigation, use of space.
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