Designing the garden and irrigation online


For lovers of "do it yourself", Gardena presents the free application My Garden. A simple software that allows you to plan your garden and the automatic irrigation system in complete autonomy.
In the dedicated section of the Gardena website you can access the planner for the garden, thanks to which you can draw and plan your green space online, simply and creatively.
The My Garden application is easy to use and allows the user to draw their garden comfortably freehand.
Through a complete menu, located on the left of the screen, it is possible to design the garden with precise measurements and with all the elements that compose it (soil, grass, flower beds and flooring). In addition, you can add additional components such as houses, plants, furniture, etc., change their size or move, rotate and duplicate them.
For those who need a model to start from, Gardena gardening experts have created a series of examples of standard gardens (small, medium and large), to be used as a starting point for designing their own garden. Just duplicate the model and start editing it with the elements made available by the application. In order to satisfy everyone's needs, the models offered range from the small green space of a city residence to that of a large villa with garden.
Once the garden has been set up, a customized Gardena irrigation system can be added to complete the work.
Among the various functions of My Garden, there is also the Sprinklersystem planner, which automatically calculates the ideal positioning of sprinklers and pipes for your garden, based on Gardena Sprinklersystem products, ideal for a practical pop-up irrigation of the meadow; in fact, pop-up sprinklers are installed below ground level and connected by a piping system. They appear as if by magic when it is time to water the garden and distribute water exactly where it is needed. To know the ideal Sprinklersystem product combination for your garden, you must first design it and then add the sprinklers.

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