How to design outdoor spaces: free courses


For those who dream to produce with his own hands a green corner, or to renew the garden or terrace, and would like to learn more about the techniques to follow to make the right choices, Viridea organizes in his garden center a design courses cycle outdoor spaces, curated by Chiara Five, an expert designer.The courses that will be held in different outlets are free and registration is not required; They will begin in September.An opportunity - explanatory Viridea - in-depth to find out how to set up gardens, balconies or small yards, making the most of the space available and selecting the most appropriate plants to create a true outdoor room to relax nicely."The lessons will last two hours, during which Chiara Five, specializing in the creation and maintenance of terraces and private gardens, will provide useful tips for green thumbs, explaining how to organize space and suggesting measures to achieve special effects using shields and partitions. Then it will go to the choice of plants, taking into account the need for exposure and their combination according to volumes that are being sought. Finally some suggestions on the use of the color of flowers and leaves, with emphasis on individual species.It will also discuss irrigation and furnishing."

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