The desire for gardening has exploded


When the health crisis is over we will have to deal with new social and professional habits, and above all, new needs: it will be the beginning of what some people call "contactless society", a society that works even remotely, in which young people they will adapt quickly, handling the "new" communication tools with creativity and functionality.
Lowering the discussion on gardening, on the one hand there is a strong concern for the current season, the drop in sales, the closed shops, the postponed events. On the other, a more optimistic view: quarantine has given a new value to nature, to the care of greenery, to the garden.
As a demonstration of the desire for gardening and the change in the way to inquire, GardenTV is growing rapidly. An ever wider audience consult our videos and tutorials: daily unique users have doubled and despite being a vertical portal and for green operators, the traffic and time spent on the site has significantly increased.
The desire for video gardening has exploded and your visibility on GardenTV is guaranteed.

Skin banner
With the skin banner on the home page, promotional content is transformed into the privileged setting of GardenTV. It is a format with a strong visual impact, ideal for campaigns that require high visibility of the brand, but also of products and promotions.
Period: 2 weeks
Price: 700.00 euros + VAT

Drop-down banner
The drop-down banner is a retractable window at the top of the home page, which guarantees maximum visibility. The possibilities offered by this banner are manifold: show a video, insert an image and an article, point to external links.
Period: 2 weeks
Price: 600.00 euros + VAT

Banner on the home page
IAB advertising banners (370 x 370 px) are available. Very high visibility, certified data, guaranteed results. Possibility of annual, monthly and spot planning.
Period: 1 month
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Sending DEM or Newsletter
GardenTV offers the possibility to send, within its newsletter, a promotional news for companies called "Featured News" to give visibility to videos, news, promotions, initiatives and products. The GardenTV newsletter reaches around 5,300 profiled contacts.
Sending to spots: 500.00 euros + VAT


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